Generations of Tea Shoots

Now you will understand that there are many shoots in a tea bush in productive age, in different stages or maturity in growth. These are shoots that still not emerged, shoots with only two scale leaves, bud with one leaf, two leaves, three leaves and so on. A group of shoots at the same maturity is called a generation. Therefore, in a tea bush trained to pluck is having 6-7 shoot generations, which we harvest the oldest one or two generations, remaining the rest un-plucked, to be plucked in next plucking as heavier units.

Now you are clear that, for continuous plucking and growth of new shoot generations, picking of older shoots is necessary. To ensure the quality of made tea and an acceptable out turn, shoots are plucked at the correct maturity at, bud with 2-3 leaves, at which stage the chemicals in leaf cell sap and the fiber content is in the correct proportion for a quality and supreme made tea manufacture.

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